Weekend Chill at Cagayan de Oro

My friends and I planned a weekend getaway to Cagayan de Oro. Our plan is simple, the trip should be relaxed, no pressure, and always open for anything, in other words, chill lang. Our itinerary includes Dahilayan and some of the best restaurants in Cagayan de Oro City.

Obligatory Airport Pose with my new Brics Duffel bag.



Upon arrival we took an exclusive shuttle to SM for 750 pesos. It is slightly higher than usual price since we don’t want to wait.

Quick lunch at Bukidnon Roadhouse Cafe at Centrio before taking that one and a half (1 1/2) hour road to Dahilayan.


Their best selling sizzling pochero is luscious, fatty (in a good way), and fall-off the bone. It is a must-try.


Photo-op on the way to Dahilayan. I can feel the sudden temperature change. Around 20 degree Celsius here.


Just in time for the sunset.


Finally, we were able to settle down in our beautiful family suite at Forest Park. 3 Huge beds with a wide veranda outside. No air condition needed. Ambient temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius at 8PM.


Fogging at 7:30 PM.


Dinner is served at Cowboy Grill just a few meters across Forest Park.

An evening stroll ensued.



Day 2, February 7, 2015 5:58 AM. Good Morning!!!


Coffee and breakfast at Forest Park Hotel with a little morning exercise at the park after it.




The best proof of a cold place is when they grow strawberries.


… and these very familiar poses.



We’re winding down with an outdoor picnic just outside our room.



We’re off to the city after we checked out at 12:00 NN. It was a difficult goodbye to a beautiful place like Dahilayan. A little consolation was on the way when we had lunch at Del Monte Clubhouse in Cawayanon. We settle for Wagyu Ribeye Steak and Roast Beef “lang naman”.



Upon arrival in the City, we checked out a famous, dainty, and artsy milktea place, Chingkee Tea Cafe. I ordered Vanilla Milktea. It is surprisingly good and cheap.


Late afternoon, we chased the setting sun at High Ridge Restaurant. It provided a great view of the city and a pink sunset. Consumable entrance fee is 100.00 pesos.


Finally, we settled in at Courtyard Pueblo De Oro (Thanks, Kristine!) for a quick nap and prepare ourselves for dinner at Prawn House and chillout at Lifestyle.

Dinner at Prawn House. Thank you, Mr. Roa.



We cap the night with a full body massage just above Hollywood Diner where we drank our beers and jump shoot induced numbing legs.

Day 3. Goodbyes.

It is a fun filled trip and our regret was only that we should have stayed a few more days longer.

Because goodbyes are usually sad, here’s something to appease our sobbing heart.

Redtail Shrimps and More.



Certified #NindotKaayo. Chada kaayo!

Thank you, Cagayan de Oro City!

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