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Kimstaurant is now in Cebu

An irresolute crying clouds covered the whole city but my stomach is firmly convinced by its whining that it is hungry. Rainy days and hungry always get me hound for soulful food which today led me to Seoul. I mean to korean food.

Don’t you just love korean food on rainy days? The samgyupsal and bulgogi combo is a serious rainy day treat. Hot, spicy, filling, and healthy.

In Cebu, more and more Korean restuarants are opening their doors to Cebuanos. The latest I tried is Bacolod’s favorite Kimstaurant located at The Greenery in Pope John Paul II Avenue in Mabolo.

Here are some of my personal favorite arranged in order.

1. The Beef Galbi Jiim — braised beef short ribs — are fall-off-the-bone tender and rich in flavor. It is a stickier version of Korean Beef Stew.

2. Their Bulgogi is one of the best here in Cebu. Serve hot off from the pan, it is sweet, tasty, with hints of spice. The beef is conspicuously fresh.

3. Japchae, a mixed dish at boiled bean threads, stir-tried vegetables, and shredded meat.

4. The double fried soy glazed chicken is divine. I’m definitely sure you will love it.

5. Yakiniku offerings of Samgyupsal and Galbi are of course must.

While at Kimstaurant, I highly recommend that you try the refreshing Aloe Vera Juice. Speaking of fresh, the raw beef meat with egg (Korean Steak Tartare) is also something worth exploring.

Kimstaurant is open from 11:00 am. to 11:00 pm. Make your reservations by by calling +63 945 988 5541.

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Spanish Buffet at Montebello Villa Hotel

Spanish cuisine is something that is not very strange to the Filipino palate. Its traces are evident in our feasts on celebrations and special occasions. From tapas to roasted whole pigs, Spanish cuisine is regarded as a luxurious indulgence.

I was curious about the Spanish Night in Montebello Villa Hotel after reading some facebook posts of my friends raving about it. I immediately chatted two friends, Carlo and Ted, who are also aspiring chefs themselves, to accompany me and check on the Spanish buffet. I wanted to learn more about Spanish cuisine, and these two will be able to provide fresh perspectives and inputs about it.


Ted, Ethy, and Carlo.


Reservation is always appropriate. A call to the hotel to reserve a table for three was in order especially that the Spanish Buffet is only available every Saturday night.

The moment we were seated, we were approached by the waitress in red and black flamenco dress for our drinks. I had Sangria of course. It was served in full glass with a prominent scent of mixed fruits.

Swirl.  Smell. Sip. 

At first sip, I already know that it could be a good contender for the best Sangria in town to date. Sweet, effervescent, and innocuously potent. It was reminiscent of my own Sangria concoction I had during every fiesta. A mix of 3:1:1 red wine, white wine, and Sprite, with slices of my favorite fruits. It was a Spanish Holiday in a wine glass.

It wouldn’t be a Spanish buffet without the staple callos and lengua. I honestly had kept my expectations low considering the price of the buffet at P649.00 per person. Surprisingly, they are sensational! A product of laborious food preparation, the meat is tender and the spices are balanced, nothing overpowers the other. It was very good that I became so curious about the chef behind them. I asked a little background of the chef. I was told from a grapevine that the chef was from a restaurant which used to be on the top spot in Cebu Spanish food dining. No wonder these food do not only taste familiar, they were actually exceptional.


This Lengua is TDF!


Callos is an acquired taste. Glad, I acquired it.

Another favorite that I should mention was the Pescado En Salsa Verde (Hake in Green Sauce). The aroma of the spices and butter not only teased your sense it lingered in your mouth. Although the piece of fish that I had was a bit dry, the sauce still made it noteworthy. It was indeed an unforgettable dish that goes along with the memorable spanish songs like the timeless Bolare played by the band on the background.


Pardon me for skipping the dessert. I am not really a dessert kind of eater. I am trying to cut down my sugar intake so that I can still have my coke and favorite coffee. The dessert spread on the buffet were promising though. I saw some churros and flans.


Why not have the dinner by the pool?


The Spanish Buffet is available every Saturday Night. It opens at 6:00PM. Candle lit dining by the pool with some Spanish vibe on the air could be a very good option. 

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Hey, do you miss my movie reviews? It’s been awhile.

I thought I will be visiting a house full of cobwebs — old, boring, and with rehashed memories — but surprisingly, it is youthful, vigorous, and sparkling. Suddenly, Spider-Man movies become relevant to the bigger world of superheroes.

While it faithfully adhere to the friendly neighborhood charisma that I used to know, (in fact it’s the most racially friendly superhero movie I’ve ever watched), it also stirs memories of the great coming of age years of self-discovery and unrestrained enthusiasm. The producers can even make a spin-off from here.

Hollywood’s newest Spider Man, Tom Holland, brought all his youth, swag, and gymnastic skills in this movie. These are evident especially when he has the face mask on. It would be easy to identify him as the best Spider Man that the social media savvy millennials can relate. He seems to be the first vlogging superhero.

It’s the perfect movie for the family especially those with teens. It has great insights on the struggle of the youth and how should it be managed.



Have you tried the popcorn at The Movie Snack Bar in Ayala Center Cebu? I had sour cream and barbecue yesterday for the first time. They were both way better than that of the most hyped brand. Just give it a chance and be a convert like me.
By the way, there are two post credit scenes. Please be patient. It’s fun!

Thank you, Ayala Center Cebu for the movie treat.

#EthysMovieReview #AyalaCinemas #TheMovieSnackbar #SpiderManHomecomingAtAyala

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Bollywood Tandoor and Curry On!

At the foot of the Banilad-Talamban flyover, there is a thriving Indian community of students and some businessmen that inspires many establishments within the vicinity to cater to their needs. Bollywood Tandoor is one of those that aspire to serve them and the Cebuanos with authentic Indian food and entertainment.

Media and the Bloggers at Bollywood Tandoor

Named after one of the biggest film industry in Asia that has produced several good and award winning films that even appeal to the tastes of the Filipinos (my personal favorites are: “3 Idiots”, “PK”, and “My Name is Khan”), Bollywood Tandoor embodied the international flare of Indian culture and the curious and explorative taste buds of Cebuanos. It serves Northern Indian food and other popular Indian dishes using original ingredients and sprices and traditional method of preparation. It even has to fly in some chefs and cooks from India and Dubai just to ensure that it only serves authentic Indian food.

Bollywood Tandoor


A week ago, Bollywood Tandoor proprietor, Soni Vasnani, invited us to dine at their restaurant to celebrate in advance the Indian Independence Day to be celebrated on August 15 in India. Soni is not new to the business. He has worked in a restaurant since he was 15 years old. He has travelled the world and cooked for several peoples. In Cebu, he has been here for 12 years. His most successful venture before Bollywood Tandoor is Mr. India in Countrymall.

The place is not difficult to find as is just by the road near the flyover. Ample parking spaces are available for diners.

Bollywood Tandoor Main Dining Area

One of the function room of Bollywood Tandoor

As you enter, you know that you are in for a big feast as several air-conditioned themed function rooms that can accommodate the whole board or office. The restaurant can serve up to 200 pax dining together at a time. It is not the typical Indian Restaurant that we may already get used to. It is clean, huge and inodorous. The spices are fragrant and can be adjusted according to your liking.

Some of the food served to us during the event:

My personal favorite was the TDF (to die for) Pork Curry. Too bad, they run out of mutton that day. I would have liked it too. Unfortunately for me, it was sold out during lunch to a big group of Indian students.

Bollywood Tandoor also offers live Belly Dance Show every Friday and Saturday from 7:30 to 10:00 PM.

Contact Number: 0933 950 3612

Facebook Page:

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MOVIE REVIEW: #WalangForever

#WalangForever is funny, witty and romantic. It innocuously leads you to believe that love in reality is better than the fantasies in the movies. 
Jennylyn Mercado is at her best in both acting and form but this movie is more of Jericho Rosales’ outstanding comeback. (The guy deserves an award here.) Their chemistry is undeniably a pleasure to behold, downright effective to say the least, despite the scurried sequencing and shallow build-up at the start of the film. The couple’s whispers of sweet nothings and amorous snuggling are the best things you shall look forward to in this movie. 

#WalangForever will hurt you in your unguarded moment while it attempts to investigate the phases of love from its fundamental manifestations to its most superficial excuses and up to its purest state.

Go watch it. A hanky should come handy not just to stop a boisterous laugh but also the gushing floodgates. 


#EthysMovieReview #nindotkaayo

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MOVIE REVIEW: We Are Your Friends 

In case you missed it, all you EDM lovers out there, “We Are Your Friends” is now showing in cinemas. 
The movie is a good Electronic Dance Music primer that introduces the science and soul of the genre to appreciate it at its core. A story about millennial aspirations, their defeats and success, in a brilliant and psychedelic perception packed with intense emotions. It might not be for everyone, but it would be a good preface in understanding the youth today.  

Zac Efron was on his element but Emily Ratajkowski equally shared the limelight. Both gave a sexy performance complementing that epic masterpiece at the end. 

The film is rated R for sexuality, strong language, and drug use. 

Maybe I just had low expectations about this movie because of its boring poster that I was surprised that it is actually palatably good. 

8/10 #EthysMovieReview #NindotKaayo #WeAreYourFriends

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Inside Out is a sweet, funny, and vitally sad psyche tour on a pre-teen mind with an emotional engineering approach on Anger, Fear, Disgust, Sadness, and Joy. Pixar has again delivered another quality animation that I can safely say — better conceived than Up and Toy Story 3. 

Riley Andersen, the major character of the movie, is an 11-year old girl who is into hockey and other sports. Her struggle started when her family has to move to San Francisco. The adjustment includes suppression of some of her core emotions which leads to conflict with how others perceived her. 
A profound understanding of our emotion allows us to better connect with others. Emotional Intelligence is not the absence of what seems to be a bad emotion but being able to manage it and deploy it whenever necessary. 

P.S. That short before the movie is a tearjerker. I can’t believe an erupting volcano can make us cry. I lava you! 

8.5/10 #EthysMovieReview #NindotKaayo

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MOVIE REVIEW: Furious 7 

Furious 7 is breaking box office records here and abroad. It seems to appeal not only the  nostalgia-driven-audiences but also those who are demanding more than the usual Fast & Furious chase scenes  —the airdrop at the Caucasus Mountains and the break out at Abu Dhabi’s Jumeirah and Etihad Towers are the most amazing stunts so far in the Fast & Furious movies. All scenes in the movie practically have their own merit. You should watch it with an empty bladder.

Furious 7 surpasses all expectations. It is not a refurbished of the supposedly-worn-out Fast & Furious plot, as one may expect, but a brand new conveyance, besting its six predecessors.

Aside from the usual Fast and Furious vibe, it drifted to a fresh and new angle that humanizes the characters. (You should see Vin Diesel’s remorseful eyes.) The movie provides a sweet, smooth and very artistic goodbye to a very good friend.  It may take some time to find a chemistry that is Vin and Paul.

It wouldn’t be ludicrous if Universal will renew its franchise for 3 more movies after Furious 7 at the rate on how this movie innovate and defy physics.


Fast & Furious (Part 1), Fast & Furious 6 and Tokyo Drift will help the audience to profoundly understand the plot of Furious 7.

#8.5/10 #EthysMovieReview #Furious7


Must-Watch Movies That You Probably Missed in the Cinemas

You probably missed these movies last year. They are classics and perhaps, among the best films of 2014. Have seen all these three?

Gone Girl


Gone Girl is a fun sick movie—the good kind of sick—that made Rosamund Pike a star in her stellar petrifying performance as the missing wife (Amy Dunne) of Ben Affleck (Nick Dunne) who reported it to the authorities—that later turned into a media frenzy. A massive search and investigation were conducted based on a series of clues found on the seemingly decontaminated crime scene lead to the most unexpected culprit.

Chilling, intriguing and shocking. An elegant and poignant satire exposing the dangers of truths drawn from the swings of public opinion on the common ills of modern day marriage.

PS. Expect some nudity, shockingly intense sex scenes and gory flesh. The movie runs for 2 hours and 29 minutes. This one is not for the fainthearted.


John Wick


John Wick could be the best gun-fu movie of the year. I thought the Matrix moves of Keanu Reeves could not be equalled but this gritty movie disproves it, from gunfight to grappling and stabbing, and to kungfu.

Although it lacks publicity, this movie will surprise its audiences with its beautiful dark and extreme violent scenes of a grieving hero thirsty for blood while going through a Russian mob.

Yes, familiar revenge plot, but this one is not just all about the “bang-bang”, it’s actually the impressive style and kinetics.




Interstellar is a brilliant adventure into space and time. I remember the scientific idea of time travel and space-time continuum being topics of discussion with some of my mathematically gifted college of engineering friends applying and tweaking Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. The movie, like our discussion, is full of so many things —so many questions that two hours and fifty minutes is not sufficient to answer them but at least enough to raise mad curiosity on time warp, wormholes and even on the idea of perpetuating humanity in some habitable planets.

Matthew McConaughey is a gift to humanity. He is as effective as Christopher Nolan’s signature flashbacks, silences and drags which humanize the fiction. There were some parts of the film that I was literally holding my breath for him.

Relativity, from one mass to another, a person to another, and gravity to time, is what this ambitious movie is all about. An acquired taste but definitely worth your time. Time is of essence, right nerds?

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Gong Xi Fa Cai from Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel is definitely the best venue to celebrate Chinese New Year with your family and friends because of its fireworks. For years now, Waterfront has ushered the Chinese New Year of Cebuanos with a colorful big bang to roar all the bad luck away. Many filipino-chinese families flocked to Waterfront to witness the quintessential new year’s lion dance and feast on the delectable chinese cuisine and delicacies at Cafe Uno and Tin Gow.

Some photos taken during the event:






Xin nian kuai le!

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