Cebu Bloggers Society celebrates 7th Anniversary

Before facebook dominated the virtual life of the Cebuanos, an institution was built that paved the way for a new breed of prominent online influencers. They are called bloggers, the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.

Founded on February 14, 2008, while I was dateless (hmmmmf) and waiting for the result of the 2007 bar exam, Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc., (CBSi) was organized in a simple meeting of the then fledgling but determined bloggers who dared to dream big for Cebu.

CBSi has become an institution that produced not just famous bloggers but also leaders in the burgeoning online communities in Cebu and in the Philippines.

The organization was instrumental in enlightening the public of the significant role of social media in modern day society. Through social media, humanity has never been so well connected to the word and to each other.

Along the way CBSi has became a family for us; always committed of loving its members regardless of their careers and motives. It has remarkably propelled growth and promote ethical practices among its members.


On its 7th year, CBSi will hold a reunion of all its past (almuni) and present members at Cebu Marriott Hotel on February 15, 2015.

Happy 7th, CBSi!


Select Photos during the event.

Group picture with all the attendees, old, new, and current members of CBSi.


Trivia Night Groupings.


Table 3 – Trivia Night Winner


Mini after-party.


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