Ampersand Degustation

An ampersand (and per se and) is a logoram “&” representing the conjunction word “and”. Like the & sign that connects two words, the Amoersand Restaurant connects two entities may it be two persons on a date or a group of friends on a Friday nightout. It is the newest and most exciting venue for a stylish dining experience in Cebu. 



Ampersand also has a deli section, a bakery and a full bar, perfect for any after-dinner chill. 


I had visited the restaurant twice already since they opened on March 2015 and somehow I already have some favorites from their menu, as my usual order,  but for tonight, on this by invitation cursive dinner with blogger friends, I let the chef to surprise me. 


The moment we were seated we were served with their signature concoctions that includes Hendrix Drive, Cebu Sour and Canine. Mine was Canine, rum mixed with kalamansi and lemon liqueur, so potent that instantly I realized that I’m in for some serious business. 


Their Focaccia Bread is baked in-house, they are always served fresh. The bread is crusty, crunchy outside and chewy inside served with a really good olive oil. 



The appetizer is Salmon Squid Tartar. It is fresh and light. The interplay of subtle saltiness of the fish and sourness of the mango and cucumber teases my mouth. 


My soup was the creamy and hearty Kalabasa Soup. It’s very filling especially that I paired it with bread. At this point, my mind already prompted me that I am already full. 



Our main course is consist of:

Lemongrass ginger and turmeric chicken over stir-fried vegetables and baba ganush.

500 g Rib eye steak.  

Thyme and cumin marinated rack of lamb on couscous and vegetables.

Risotto Nero, King prawn, squid, salmon and tuna with creamy spinach. 


Ampersand is not really a steak house but certainly it has one of Cebu’s best steaks. I will definitely will go back for the rib eye. 

Our dessert is a spread composed of citron greentea cheesecake, double chocolate fudge, pavlova, and the one that stand out among them, the chocolate ganash. 




Ampersand also serves draft beers.


They offer discounted drinks too on themed nights: 

Mojito on Mondays, 

Tequilla on Tuesdays,

Wines on Wednesdays, and 

Vodkas on Thursdays.

On Fridays they have an acoustic band to keep the Friday night vibe and a DJ on Saturdays. The restaurant morphs into a bar at 10:30 PM everyday. 

Ampersand is located at Banilad Town Center. For reservation you may call 09214107763 or 09157748308. For updates of their promos and events you may follow them on Instagram (@ampersand.cebu).

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