Turtle Eight Filipino Restaurant

At first, when I heard about it, I thought it was a hostel but when I finally set foot on its door, I was surprised how classy and posh this filipino restaurant at the ground floor of J Centre Mall occupying the vacated space of the defunct Neo Neo Restaurant.

Their elaborate bar welcomes diners with a promise of good celebrations ahead. The wood furniture and wrought iron accents set off a warmth balance with the high-toned atmosphere that the lit hanging chadeliers proffered— I thought I was in a very sophisticated steakhouse. Their mini wine cellar highlights the restaurant’s dedication to provide good drinks and cocktails for whatever occasion.

The food arrived timely. It was all-filipino on the menu, or at least filipino inspired. They serve the kind of food you grow up with— home food with a better ambiance.

We started with a triumvirate of filipino vegetable salads: Langka, Talong, and Guso. It is almost impossible not to stimulate your appettite with If something sour and salty.

A feast of main dishes follow. My first pick was baked scallops. It was fresh. I particularly took notice of the cheese they are using, it was very good. The rellenong alimasa was a delight. The crab meat was authentic and fresh. It has less flour and more meat. The staples in every filipino feast were served as well. The lechon bisaya g manok was a show stopper. The sizzling sisig, pochero, and beef salpicao surely did a great job in stuffing us. But when the mi goreng landed on the table, I was very certain I will like it. Indeed, it stole the show. This one is a must-try when you visit this restaurant. You can thank me later.

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