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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Kushiyaki Chikuzenya Japanese Restaurant


After several visits to Kushiyaki Chikuzenya Japanese Restaurant, I can definitely say it is Cebu’s best Japanese restaurant.

The first time I had their Tonkotsu Ramen I knew I’ll be coming back for more. The firm noodles in pork bone soup seasoned with fresh milk, miso and other japanese spices are waves of flavors potent to cure your weary soul. (TIP: You can ask for free extra soup. Just be polite.)


The special assorted seven kinds of sashimi (Jo Sashimi) platter completes the Japanese restaurant experience along with other staple food like sushi and tempura.


In every Japanese Restaurant cleanliness is a must. The proper handling of the raw ingredients is of utmost importance. Chikuzenya champions that by maintaining an open kitchen, you’ll see your food as it is prepared.



Located at the food avenue of Mandaue, it is close to home but trips should be planned wisely to avoid coming during heavy down pours, we all know the perennial flooding problem at AS Fortuna, right?


They seem to be always full every time I visit, most with Japanese patrons probably because of the authentic Japanese experience. Reservation is therefore advised. Their telephone number is 239-8976.


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Progressive Dinner Idea: Cebuano Food Tour

Here is a tried and tested Cebuano Food Tour for the adventurous guests who want to explore  the Cebuano culture in the most immersive way possible. This was my itinerary when I toured a couch surfing chef from the United States on his overnight layover to Cebu.

Six (6) stopovers in one night for a budget of less than P1,000.00 per person, the guest can indulge with the Cebu’s finest food and sights in six (6) hours.

The concept is called progressive dinner. Wikipedia defines it as a dinner party with successive courses prepared and eaten at the residences of different hosts. Usually this involves the consumption of one course at each location. It is a variant of a potluck dinner which involves traveling. I modified it further, instead of residences the locations are carefully selected restaurants that compliments with the Cebuano Food Degustation theme.


  1. The Meet-up Place.

The meeting place could be in Ayala or SM or anywhere; what is important is you surprise your guest with the Cebuano brand of hospitality. May we suggest that you bring Dried Green Mangoes. It will open the palate of your guests preparing it for a gastronomical adventure ahead.

TIP: Dried Green Mango is an acquired taste but can be very addicting.


  1. Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly at The City Times Square

This is the only air-conditioned and decently furnished branch of COLB. It is also the only branch that serves Beef Stew or otherwise locally known as Pochero. For 70 pesos, this give other specialty stores which offer pochero a good run for their money.

For two persons, you may order half a kilo of Spicy Lechon Belly and one serving of Beef Stew. Your guest will have a taste of Cebu’s pride, a pork like no other – the Cebu’s Lechon Belly in the most Cebuano way of eating – by hands armed only with plastic gloves.

This meal will usually cost at around 200 pesos per person.

From Cebu's Original Lechon Belly Facebook Page

From Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly Facebook Page

TIP: Ask the salesperson to re-heat your lechon. It is best enjoyed when hot.


  1. The Chocolate Chamber

TCC is located at Pres. Quirino Street corner Magsaysay Street in  Barangay Kasambagan.

In keeping with our theme, the best choice would be puto and sikwate (hot chocolate) made from locally sourced cacao beans served in vintage ornate cups and saucers. Who would have thought sophistication and class could go well with sikwate?

Other artisan quality chocolates and desserts are also available. Local Chocolate has never been respected this much.

with Greg, the couchsurfing Chef from the USA

with Greg, the couchsurfing Chef from the USA

The puto and sikwate may cost around 150 pesos per person.

Now that you introduced sophistication to your guest, let’s turn it up a bit further in our next stopover.

TIP: The tablea chips are good pasalubong items in case you are bored with the usual danggit and chicharon.


  1. Blue Bar

Blu Bar is located at 1,000 feet high above sea level at the Penthouse of the Marco Polo Hotel. With a little help of their cocktails, go ahead and pretend like you are the king of the world and do it like a boss with your cameras. The viewing deck at the Continental Boardroom area provides the best vantage point for picture taking of the city lights.

photo from Marco Polo Cebu website

photo from Marco Polo Cebu website

My personal favorite is their Mojito valued at around P250.00.

TIP: Blu Bar is closed on Mondays.

  1. La Vie Parissiene

Of course you know La Vie Parissiene. Cebu tourists are always fascinated with the most affordable wines (cheaper than a venti Starbucks), cheeses and pastries under the most superficial cherry blossom trees. To their envy, the would even think of bringing the whole shop home. Thank to La Vie, for making Cebu night caps classy.

But we are not done yet. After the booze, I am sure you need more filling before parking to bed. Next stop is midnight snacks.

La Vie

TIP: La Vie Parissiene will soon open at the Ayala Expansion Wing.


  1. Larsians

It wouldn’t be a Cebuano food tour if there is no Larsian in the itinerary.


TIP: Most of my guests love Chorizo de Cebu.



The New Rustan’s Supermarket at Ayala Center Cebu

Have you been to the newest Rustan’s Supermarket at Ayala? The 2,800 sqm store designed by international retail artist Shozu Nitta was officially opened on August 9, 2014. It is located at the Basement 1 of the expansion wing of Ayala Center Mall. It is connected to the basement 2 parking with the nearest entrance and exit at the main gate of the expansion wing.


Rustan’s Fresh Section

Rustan’s Supermarket once again raises the bar of what food shopping should be in line with its strong tradition of innovation, excellent customer service, and offering quality products,. It makes the grocery experience all the more fun and exciting for its customers.

The store is noticeably huge with a wider selection of specialty and gourmet items. My instant favorite was the Gourmet-to-Go, a station of guilt-free, low-calorie dishes for the health-conscious, and the fresh pasta bar, and its dining area. I found a new place to kill time at Ayala. The softdrinks are cheap at P23.00 and the sandwiches and salads are very affordable. One of the most awaited stall to open at Rustan’s is the famous Jafar’s Shawarma. You can buy your angus shawarma and eat it at the gourmet dining area too. It feels like I’m in a supermarket in Hong Kong or Singapore.


Rustan’s Gourmet Section Dining Area

More international brands are on display. For example, I saw a number (maybe more than 10) of salt variety while cheking out some items like the exclusive specialty brands including Stonewall Kitchen, Waitrose, Casino, Casale and D’alla Costa, and local artisan cheese from the Malagos Farmhouse in Davao. I see more wines and cheeses too.

We all go to Rustan’s because of its Fresh Section for fresh meat and produce. And guess what, some of the meat and produce are even 100% organic.

Except for it’s minor air conditioning problem, Rustan’s Supermarket is perfection for food shoppers. I heard it through a grapevine that Rustan’s is coming near to my place. It is set to soon open its Oakridge Center branch on November 2014.


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