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Wittier and lighter without skimping on the suspense and thrills.

After 10 years, the reassembling and reuniting Bagua —with a new owner— is again haunting the seemingly not aging Joy (Kris Aquino) who has already found a new life, love, and luck.

Feng Shui 2 barely satisfies build-up expectations of patrons. This installment doubled the suspense with a meticulously studied script of witty lines that relates the physical and paranormal thrills. With more startling scenes (although some are implausible) and more entertaining casts, Feng Shui is worth the scare.

Despite using the same formula, and therefore predictable, Feng Shui 2 still manages to scare audiences to several good screams. Rez Cortez gets me jumping off my seat. Cherry Pie Picache provides a good reality check on her pragmatic character.

The movie also attempted to incorporate slasher film elements on its conventional eastern supernatural mystery plot. Characters are now dealing with physical and paranormal threats.

The credits rolled with a hint of the luck brought by the Bagua going viral. Expect a Social Media scare on the next instalment.

For me, Feng Shui 1 is a classic and one of the best Filipino movies which Feng Shui 2 is no way near to surpass especially on the technical aspect of the film.

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