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Under Community Quarantine

SARS-COV2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is putting the world to its knees, isolating countries, locking people in their homes, overwhelming hospitals, and claiming lives. It is unclear when we shall the situation be normal again as scientists cram for cure and vaccine. We are just advised to stay at home.

It has been at least two weeks since the Philippines, in particular, Cebu, has been placed under quarantine and people, including me, don’t know what to do and how to prepare for the worst.

While quarantined, I have posted some general advice on how to cooperate with government and stay updated with correct information. I have lectured in some of my group chat on some of the policies as well as the science of this pandemic.

Here are some of it:

“In this time of global pandemic and public inconvenience, always remember that this is not about you being poor nor them being rich, you being helpless and them being blessed, it is about a nation wanting to survive.

Always look at the bigger picture.

Your sacrifice maybe more real and bigger than others, when you are to surrender all that you have, but be consoled with the fact that you are doing that for the love of your country, for your yourself, and for a healthier future of your children’s children.

Let us all be creative in making both ends meet. We know that God will never forsake us and this government is doing everything it can do. Let us just do our share. Stay at home and Pray!

To our government, the implementation of these draconian measures, especially in Luzon, will be easier if we can find a way to assure especially those living on paycheck to paycheck that there will be food on their table as they defer their livelihood. And also, please reconsider the lifting of the ban of international flights.”

— posted on FB on March 18, 2020.

“Social Media Timeline is relative. Always vet and relate the news that your are reading. Follow credible sources of information as much as possible. We process news differently, hence, the source matters for our proper digestion. Don’t allow anyone to chew it for you. Freedom of expression only guarantees a mouth that can speak but not a brain that can think.

You may not eliminate rumors, simply, they are irresistible. But it would be of great service for everyone if you will not post it on your wall if the information is not yet vetted especially if it can cause fear or panic. You might want to limit it within your group chats whose members, as you may know, are capable of absorbing such unverified information.

Criticism is alright as it is part of our political maturity but, as any other debate, a critic should offer a counterproposal to elevate the discussion and improve the delivery of service. Your idea might be a great input to our implementors. Opposing for the purpose of opposing is obviously what we don’t need right now. You may revisit your oppositions on elections day.

Levity in dire circumstances like now might be good for some but not to all. Please, no practical jokes.

Cooperate with what the authorities say. Let us all assume that they are looking after our general welfare. It is for the safety of everyone, Dili na personalan. You may file your complaint, if there is any, later.

Lastly, the best way to blunt the blow of the Covid-19 pandemic is to STAY INSIDE YOUR HOUSE. We can reduce the R0 by just turning our TV, computers, and radio on or reading your books the whole day. Learn to PAUSE and that is a MUST.”

-— posted on FB on March 16, 2020

“When this ends, AND IT WILL, we shall all share a drink, by the beach, with the breeze blowing in the night, under a tree, around a camp fire, with LANY on the background, embracing and hugging each other like how friends should be.

Just hang in there.

Let’s make this a good time to miss each other and deepen that bond even more.”

— posted on FB on March 28, 2020

Take care, everyone!

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