MOVIE REVIEW: That Thing Called Tadhana

“That Thing Called Tadhana” is an unexpected wandering by two sad —but not lonely—hearts with the intent to bolt from the past despite all wounds and heavy baggage. Every line in the movie is like an arrow piercing your heart tempered with the ever funny antics of Angelica Panganiban and the brooding and boyish charm of JM de Guzman.

It is a movie that needs to be seen by the world. It is the best Filipino version of Richard Linklater’s “Before” trilogy with a little inspiration from E. E. Cummings’ poem, “I Carry Your Heart With Me”. It was effortlessly romantic despite the absence of any kissing scene; funny without trying to be. Let alone the movie poster, which is taken from an airport scene in the film, tells you how polished this film is made.


The movie provided a stirring start and with an even more provoking ending. It tells a story that even how dark, cold and tedious your night was, the sun always rises again — beautiful as the glorious Sagada Sunrise—to usher in a new day for your renewed heart ready to make and fight for your destiny.

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