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Hey, do you miss my movie reviews? It’s been awhile.

I thought I will be visiting a house full of cobwebs — old, boring, and with rehashed memories — but surprisingly, it is youthful, vigorous, and sparkling. Suddenly, Spider-Man movies become relevant to the bigger world of superheroes.

While it faithfully adhere to the friendly neighborhood charisma that I used to know, (in fact it’s the most racially friendly superhero movie I’ve ever watched), it also stirs memories of the great coming of age years of self-discovery and unrestrained enthusiasm. The producers can even make a spin-off from here.

Hollywood’s newest Spider Man, Tom Holland, brought all his youth, swag, and gymnastic skills in this movie. These are evident especially when he has the face mask on. It would be easy to identify him as the best Spider Man that the social media savvy millennials can relate. He seems to be the first vlogging superhero.

It’s the perfect movie for the family especially those with teens. It has great insights on the struggle of the youth and how should it be managed.



Have you tried the popcorn at The Movie Snack Bar in Ayala Center Cebu? I had sour cream and barbecue yesterday for the first time. They were both way better than that of the most hyped brand. Just give it a chance and be a convert like me.
By the way, there are two post credit scenes. Please be patient. It’s fun!

Thank you, Ayala Center Cebu for the movie treat.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens with a strong box office sales despite poor reviews and social media let down due to obvious plot holes and inconsistencies, dark cinematography and slow build up.  
Honestly, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, the fight scenes that goes beyond earth, Wonder Woman’s refreshing appearance and most especially with its philosophical and religious implications. The messianic imagery of Superman and the black propaganda against it keep the movie ablaze. It felt like watching The Matrix 1 which also taps a relative ideology. The plot becomes even more relevant due to the ongoing messianic declarations and mudslinging of our wannabe leaders in the drama more popularly known as the Philippine Elections. 

People clamored for this. We want to watch Batman and Superman fight. To make these superheroes battle against each other is certainly a challenge that was scantly tackled in the movie. It was struggling to justify their battle. The audience were presented instead with some philosophical views on absolute power and how it corrupts — that no one that is all powerful can be all good nor someone that is all good can be all powerful. 

Absolute power corrupts but even more dangerous is the insatiable appetite for it. Regardless of means, altruistic or egomaniac, the thirst for power disregards the truth and that is the vulnerability of man. Equally potent however, which is also the movie’s redemption, is the love of a child to his mother. Although not power by itself, this love is enough to move the strongest son in the world to do his wonders. 
Wonder Woman is such a power to be reckoned with. I personally want to see more of her. She deserves her own movie. She is actually the hottest among the heroes in this movie. Watch out for her fighting stances. 

The paradox of power is that it cannot be shared. Segmentation of power weakens it. It can only be joined. Batman v Superman is a brilliant prelude to a unified superheroes in Justice League. Indeed, it is the dawn of justice!


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MOVIE REVIEW: Honor Thy Father

Honor Thy Father is exaggerated but impressive in some aspects especially with how it successfully heightened the stakes for the characters in order to provide the audience with probably the most gripping movie scene of the year by a filipino film.

A pensive John Lloyd Cruz in skinhead holding a gun is desperate to survive against all odds, a familiar struggle for “Honor Thy Father” as it dared to compete against big commercial movies that threatens its very chances to be shown in cinemas. 
Director Erik Matti knows how to make an excellent suspenseful socially-relevant crime drama, from the gritty “On The Job” that tackles police corruption to “Honor Thy Father” which plot surrounds on an organized religion and a multi-level marketing scam. 
“Honor Thy Father” lacks the speed and adrenaline that we expected based from Matti’s latest movie, “On The Job”. Instead, it gives its audience some short thrills, however, with a complicated and thrilling end. The musical score screams that it is an indie film (It’s actually annoying) betraying the glossy and commercial look of the film. 
Unfortunately, reflective movies like this is an acquired taste. Being part of a movie festival is not an assurance for a captured audience. Moviegoers will not take the risk of wasting their 13th month pay watching an unfamiliar and never-heard before movie. More should have been done to highlight the movie’s best. “Kung mahina ka, kakainin ka nila.” Or, maybe, they can start with a better title. 



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MOVIE REVIEW: #WalangForever

#WalangForever is funny, witty and romantic. It innocuously leads you to believe that love in reality is better than the fantasies in the movies. 
Jennylyn Mercado is at her best in both acting and form but this movie is more of Jericho Rosales’ outstanding comeback. (The guy deserves an award here.) Their chemistry is undeniably a pleasure to behold, downright effective to say the least, despite the scurried sequencing and shallow build-up at the start of the film. The couple’s whispers of sweet nothings and amorous snuggling are the best things you shall look forward to in this movie. 

#WalangForever will hurt you in your unguarded moment while it attempts to investigate the phases of love from its fundamental manifestations to its most superficial excuses and up to its purest state.

Go watch it. A hanky should come handy not just to stop a boisterous laugh but also the gushing floodgates. 


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MOVIE REVIEW: Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna Movie Poster

Heneral Luna Movie Poster

Heneral Luna wittily braved the prejudice of boring history films. With its hilarity and candidness, the same as that of “That Thing Called Tadhana” (2015), and the sincerity and gravitas found in “Jose Rizal” (1998), definitely you have to watch this epic masterpiece.

Directed by one of the best independent film directors of our time, Jerrold Tarog and produced by Artikulo Uno Production, the film is an artistic depiction of the story of a brilliant military man and Philippine hero, General Antonio Luna, as he leads the Revolutionary Army of President Emilio Aguinaldo at the time when Filipinos were at the crossroad of finding their identity during the Philippine-American War.

Amidst the levity of the screenplay are the sad realities of war at that time, but not so much about the enemies; rather the undesireable and undisciplined filipinos with shortsigthed vision of victory, the propensity of politicians to betray the country just to hold on to power, and the imperfection of a hero who we know as immaculate. And, as they say and quite obviously, history repeats itself.

Heneral Luna goes beyond history and eludes from rendering a hero stereotype. It charmingly challenges its audience to redefine modern day heroism; that it may not change the world but definitely the change the world needs.

NindotKaayo.com was invited to the advance special screening of Heneral Luna by Dakila, a group creatively building a movement of heroism towards social transformation in partnership with the National Youth Commission , Cebu City Youth Movement, and the Young Heroes of Cebu.

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MOVIE REVIEW: We Are Your Friends 

In case you missed it, all you EDM lovers out there, “We Are Your Friends” is now showing in cinemas. 
The movie is a good Electronic Dance Music primer that introduces the science and soul of the genre to appreciate it at its core. A story about millennial aspirations, their defeats and success, in a brilliant and psychedelic perception packed with intense emotions. It might not be for everyone, but it would be a good preface in understanding the youth today.  

Zac Efron was on his element but Emily Ratajkowski equally shared the limelight. Both gave a sexy performance complementing that epic masterpiece at the end. 

The film is rated R for sexuality, strong language, and drug use. 

Maybe I just had low expectations about this movie because of its boring poster that I was surprised that it is actually palatably good. 

8/10 #EthysMovieReview #NindotKaayo #WeAreYourFriends

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Inside Out is a sweet, funny, and vitally sad psyche tour on a pre-teen mind with an emotional engineering approach on Anger, Fear, Disgust, Sadness, and Joy. Pixar has again delivered another quality animation that I can safely say — better conceived than Up and Toy Story 3. 

Riley Andersen, the major character of the movie, is an 11-year old girl who is into hockey and other sports. Her struggle started when her family has to move to San Francisco. The adjustment includes suppression of some of her core emotions which leads to conflict with how others perceived her. 
A profound understanding of our emotion allows us to better connect with others. Emotional Intelligence is not the absence of what seems to be a bad emotion but being able to manage it and deploy it whenever necessary. 

P.S. That short before the movie is a tearjerker. I can’t believe an erupting volcano can make us cry. I lava you! 

8.5/10 #EthysMovieReview #NindotKaayo

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Waves is now showing in theatres!

If you want an apt summer ender, Waves is definitely a perfect ode to a bright summer. It narrates how summer heats up two hearts but left them cold in loneliness when finally they’ll realize that everything was just a mirage. 

Waves is an independent film with Cebuano roots that marks the directorial debut of Cebuano Don Gerardo Frasco. It will be shown in theatres nationwide starting today, June 24, 2015.

Official 2nd trailer of the movie:


Waves reminded me of Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy (Before Sunrise – 1995, Before Sunset – 2004, and Before Midnight – 2013) — a look at modern love with flair for naturalism. It is an eavesdropping on the intimate conversations of Ross and Sofia who both plunged into love by taking impulsive detours and catching chancy tides, which unwittingly brought them to their feet at the shore. It swells with an unspoken confusion that rippled from the characters, especially that of Baron Geisler’s— in his stellar performance in years. His persuasive and empathic facial sobriety kept the movie alive.” Read more here.

Waves' Movie Poster

Waves’ Movie Poster

Screening Schedules:

June 24, 2015 

1. Robinsons Galleria
2. SM North 9 (S – After the Ball)
3. SM Megamall 12 (S – Burying the Ex)
4. SM Sta. Mesa 6 (S – Film Fiesta)
5. SM Fairview 10
6. SM Bacoor 8 (S – Film Fiesta)

1. SM Clark 3 (S – Jurassic)


1. SM Lanang 2
2. Gaisano Starscene Davao 6 (S – Kruel)
3. SM Cinema 6 (June 24-26; 7:15pm & 9:00pm)

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MOVIE REVIEW: Jurassic World


While I have higher expectations for the movie that were scarcely met – awesome but not in the way I want it to be — I am very much delighted with how it delivered a top notch technical production in terms of effects and animation, the dinasaurs, the park, and the chase are so real.

It must be the technology, the new addition in the formula in both production and storyline and with little hints of humanizing the ferocious beasts.

Go ahead, call the gang, apply those “Dog Whispherer” techniques and be the alpha, drag the pack to the theaters.

Actually, it was like watching a crossbreed between “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and “How to Train Your Dragon” in a more realistic exhibition.


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MOVIE REVIEW: Pitch Perfect 2

 The Barden Bellas are back in Pitch Perfect 2; funnier and flashier but it was like a very good old song sang in a monotone choral. There are no “You Don’t Forget About Me” or “Cups” moments nor “The Sign” or “Eternal Flame” melodies. However,  what it lacks in its lackadaisical song choices, it compensates with Fat Amy’s and the Asian Lilly’s overexposed outrageous but amusing behavior. the movie in general was all fun that it forgets to connect to the soul, missing the whole point of what music should be.

Pitch Perfect (the first movie) was a huge success especially in the Philippines. Our country even gets a mention in the movie (probably out of gratitude) through a ladyboy accapella group which I think is more apt if they were from Thailand. 
If you are ready to feel Christmas in a summer day, Pitch Perfect may just be the most entertaining movie for you. But if you don’t like Jessie J, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift or John Mayer, you may skip this. 
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