Weddings in the Age of Social Media

With everyone going digital in establishing social connections in Social Media, it is inevitable that they might result to an amorous and conjugal union. Love is anywhere and could happen anytime whether at first kiss, first sight, first like or even at first swipe (to the right). 

 The truth is Social Media is a good purveyor of love.

All kinds of love in the modern age is sustained by social media. Why not seal that love by utilizing social media itself? 

 Weddings in social media are not only trending topics but also convenient. Why not prepare you wedding with a click and invite your guest with an app?


Cebu City Marriott Hotel gathered all wedding suppliers in one venue and showcased the best practices in the market. Love @ First Like is a three-day bridal event featuring a two-day workshop for wedding suppliers on February 23 and 24, 2015. 

Be inspired and harness fresh new ideas for your craft. Learn from some of the most sought after names in the industry like celebrity wedding planner Rita Neri, virtual story-teller Jason Magbanua, premier event stylist Teddy Manuel and top photographer Dino Lara. 

Discover concepts that thrill todays new age customers while engaging in a panel discussion about digital marketing with social media guru’s. Witness the launch of Cebu’s top suppliers in the digital world.



With the Cebu’s best and globally recognized wedding videographers. You’ve got to have their numbers if you want to capture timeless moment during your special day.


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