Beqaa is a must!

I have completed my list of Top 5 Best Cuisines in the world. The latest to add in that list that includes, Japanese, Italian, French and Thai is Lebanese.

In Cebu, there is one lebanese restaurant that stood above the rest, a kitchen you can recommend even to your finest and most discriminating guests. Beqaa Lebanese Kitchen is another gourmet restaurant from The Abaca Group which brought to Cebu some first-rate restaurants like Abaca in Punta Engano, Lapu-Lapu City and A-Cafe in Crossroads, Banilad. Beqaa is in Design Center, A.S. Fortuna St. (Pine Tree), Banilad, Mandaue City. It serves the freshest and best lebanese and indian cuisine in Cebu.


My Nth Beqaa experience (but on a budget)

We kick-off the night with a sip of pomegranate shot and mojito. The marriage of the fruity sour pomegranate and Bacardi White is a sensation. The best foreplay for our porkless dinner.

Our appetizer is a mixture of meat and vegetables with hints of yoghurt and cheese. These alone set apart Beqaa from any other middle eastern theme restaurant.

Cucumber Raita (Labmeh, mint and cumin) P245.00

Arayes Lahme (meatband cheese filled flatbread) P185.00

Arnabeet Mekleh (crispy cauliflower, tahini and chili) P265.00

Everyone is ready for the main dish. Armed with our forks, we dig in further with passion.

Kafta (spice minced lamb and beef with onions and parsley) P435.00

Chicken Tikka Masala (mildly spicy tomato based curry with yoghurt)
Lebanese Garlic Riz (P95.00)


For dessert we have Mohalabiha (coconut cream, vanilla powder and orange chutney)



For a group of 3 the whole dinner was just P500.00 per pax. You can never be nearer to Lebanon than this with that budget.

Feel free to follow my orders. It wont disappoint.

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