MOVIE REVIEW: Furious 7 

Furious 7 is breaking box office records here and abroad. It seems to appeal not only the  nostalgia-driven-audiences but also those who are demanding more than the usual Fast & Furious chase scenes  —the airdrop at the Caucasus Mountains and the break out at Abu Dhabi’s Jumeirah and Etihad Towers are the most amazing stunts so far in the Fast & Furious movies. All scenes in the movie practically have their own merit. You should watch it with an empty bladder.

Furious 7 surpasses all expectations. It is not a refurbished of the supposedly-worn-out Fast & Furious plot, as one may expect, but a brand new conveyance, besting its six predecessors.

Aside from the usual Fast and Furious vibe, it drifted to a fresh and new angle that humanizes the characters. (You should see Vin Diesel’s remorseful eyes.) The movie provides a sweet, smooth and very artistic goodbye to a very good friend.  It may take some time to find a chemistry that is Vin and Paul.

It wouldn’t be ludicrous if Universal will renew its franchise for 3 more movies after Furious 7 at the rate on how this movie innovate and defy physics.


Fast & Furious (Part 1), Fast & Furious 6 and Tokyo Drift will help the audience to profoundly understand the plot of Furious 7.

#8.5/10 #EthysMovieReview #Furious7


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