Ilaputi turns 13

My favorite after-movie-restaurant (no, make that after-party, after-date, after-massage or after-everything, actually), Ilaputi, turns 13 on April 20, 2015.

It’s heart warming to see how a “carenderia” which was first intended for students had evolved into a casual sit-down restaurant serving in a more upscale location, the Asiatown IT Park with around 60 pax seating capacity. Growing up like their first costumers who are now leaders in their own field Ilaputi has also become a front-runner in consistently delighting cebuanos and tourists with its Asian soulful food. It blazed the trail of the ever progressive Cebu upscale-casual dining scene; it is the first among its equals to open 24 hours everyday. On its 13th year, the company is poised to expand to several locations including a new one in Cbeu and several franchises in Manila and Mindanao.

Ilaputi does not only inspire the palate of its patrons, it has also become a venue where relationships are forged and great memories are created.

Here is a revisit to their Asian soulful offerings according preference or to the frequency of my order.

The Stroganov

Beef Stroganoff. The dish that everybody loves and made Ilaputi famous.


The not-so-korean Bibimbap is an intermarriage between the best of Korea and the flare of the Philippines. A feast in the bowl without the guilt.

Southside Ribs

Inspired with the flavourful  combination of Chippy & Coke, Southside Ribs is a playful war between the saltiness of the salted egg and fried rice mix in against the sweetness of the guava barbecue sauce on the ribs.  When you try this, please go easy on the rice.


Gambas at it’s core; not sweet, no tomatoes. Garlic, Paprika and Cayene pepper with the freshest shrimps. Perfect! So good, it deserves a repeat performance.

Saigon Adobo

Saigon Adobo, the safest of them all. Who can go wrong on Adobo?

Kung Pao Chicken. Black Vinegar, toasted Schezwan Pepper corn and nuts in an infused peanut oil. This one is screaming for cold beer, or why not try Ilaputi’s Joy Juice for fun.

Grilled Liempo with a sinuglaw twist.

Grilled Liempo is for the Sinuglaw loving Cebuanos. Marinated garlic pork belly with coconut milk and vinegar dip. Same flavor but no raw fish. Yummy!

Grilled Chinese Chicken Jambalaya. Grilled hoisin glazed chicken breast fillet with five -spice barbecue sauce, Hungarian and Chinese sausages served with Peking fried rice. I wanna bang my head on this, in a good way, of course.

Dragon Chop

Dragon Chop. Just in case you wonder where is Daenery’s Drogon is right now, you know where to find him. 🙂

To try all of these may I suggest that you call all your friends so that everyone can order a unique dish to share.

You know where to go Monday, April 20, 2014. Who knows you might just get a year supply of Ilaputi for dining there on their on the first day of their luckiest 13th year!

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