MOVIE REVIEW: The Longest Ride


If you are familiar with Nicholas Sparks’ works you probably know how usually his stories would end but The Longest Ride took a different turn off the beaten path. Someone died but at least it wasn’t the end of the movie.

A story about a bull rider who has to decide which bull should he stay for a ride. There are quite a  number of bullshit in the movie — the parallel plots of the love stories of the characters, the unreasonable demands, the elite-commoner relationship challenges, and the terrible fickle mindedness of the main characters that kept the movie running — but you’ll definitely stay on the ride to the end. Don’t jump off as  the best parts of the movie is on its first and last 15 minutes. 

Chemistry between the lead couple is weak.  The light romance theme of the film wasn’t able to help it. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a good laugh and sometimes wet eyes along with them. Girls this one is for you.
In general, The Longest Ride is enjoyable, heart warming, and quite predictable. 
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