MOVIE REVIEW: We Are Your Friends 

In case you missed it, all you EDM lovers out there, “We Are Your Friends” is now showing in cinemas. 
The movie is a good Electronic Dance Music primer that introduces the science and soul of the genre to appreciate it at its core. A story about millennial aspirations, their defeats and success, in a brilliant and psychedelic perception packed with intense emotions. It might not be for everyone, but it would be a good preface in understanding the youth today.  

Zac Efron was on his element but Emily Ratajkowski equally shared the limelight. Both gave a sexy performance complementing that epic masterpiece at the end. 

The film is rated R for sexuality, strong language, and drug use. 

Maybe I just had low expectations about this movie because of its boring poster that I was surprised that it is actually palatably good. 

8/10 #EthysMovieReview #NindotKaayo #WeAreYourFriends

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