MOVIE REVIEW: #WalangForever

#WalangForever is funny, witty and romantic. It innocuously leads you to believe that love in reality is better than the fantasies in the movies. 
Jennylyn Mercado is at her best in both acting and form but this movie is more of Jericho Rosales’ outstanding comeback. (The guy deserves an award here.) Their chemistry is undeniably a pleasure to behold, downright effective to say the least, despite the scurried sequencing and shallow build-up at the start of the film. The couple’s whispers of sweet nothings and amorous snuggling are the best things you shall look forward to in this movie. 

#WalangForever will hurt you in your unguarded moment while it attempts to investigate the phases of love from its fundamental manifestations to its most superficial excuses and up to its purest state.

Go watch it. A hanky should come handy not just to stop a boisterous laugh but also the gushing floodgates. 


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