MOVIE REVIEW: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens with a strong box office sales despite poor reviews and social media let down due to obvious plot holes and inconsistencies, dark cinematography and slow build up.  
Honestly, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, the fight scenes that goes beyond earth, Wonder Woman’s refreshing appearance and most especially with its philosophical and religious implications. The messianic imagery of Superman and the black propaganda against it keep the movie ablaze. It felt like watching The Matrix 1 which also taps a relative ideology. The plot becomes even more relevant due to the ongoing messianic declarations and mudslinging of our wannabe leaders in the drama more popularly known as the Philippine Elections. 

People clamored for this. We want to watch Batman and Superman fight. To make these superheroes battle against each other is certainly a challenge that was scantly tackled in the movie. It was struggling to justify their battle. The audience were presented instead with some philosophical views on absolute power and how it corrupts — that no one that is all powerful can be all good nor someone that is all good can be all powerful. 

Absolute power corrupts but even more dangerous is the insatiable appetite for it. Regardless of means, altruistic or egomaniac, the thirst for power disregards the truth and that is the vulnerability of man. Equally potent however, which is also the movie’s redemption, is the love of a child to his mother. Although not power by itself, this love is enough to move the strongest son in the world to do his wonders. 
Wonder Woman is such a power to be reckoned with. I personally want to see more of her. She deserves her own movie. She is actually the hottest among the heroes in this movie. Watch out for her fighting stances. 

The paradox of power is that it cannot be shared. Segmentation of power weakens it. It can only be joined. Batman v Superman is a brilliant prelude to a unified superheroes in Justice League. Indeed, it is the dawn of justice!


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