How should morality be measured as a basis of your vote? 

How to evaluate a person’s moral character? Should it be made as basis for your vote?
It is crucial and important to consider morality as a key characteristic of a President or any office holder. Many would frequently forward a litmus test of a single issue like death penalty or gay marriage or even tact innpublic speaking. (Corruption, however, should be examined in its legal sense. Our laws already defines it and provides for its penalty.) The truth is, a single issue cannot possibly be a good measure of morality. Simple single issue litmus test is a poor measure because we all have failings. A person could be very moral and very good in so many ways, and yet has a failing on a single issue.
Martin Luther King, for example, is very much committed to non-violence in the pursuit of social justice, he remains to this day an outstanding model of man of virtues. His commitment to God and Jesus was unassailable. However, it is also a fact that he carried on multiple affairs. This is a serious moral failing. Any person who betrays the marriage commitment is a sad disappointment of the institution of marriage. Yet, Dr. King is an example of a man with good moral character. 

When you evaluate any candidate don’t expect him/her to be perfect but expect them to try, to deliver only the best for the constituents. You may also forget about the values and morals to which of their respective party adheres. In the Philippines, the party system is not really working. 

Look at the candidate’s expertise and dedication, their lifestyle and compassion, and their integrity and credibility as a person and as a leader. 

Please post as comment who will you vote for this 2016. 

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