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Summer Splash & Foam Party 2017 at Mövenpick’s Ibiza Beach Club


The party was so good last year and the years before that, it has to have a repeat this year, bigger and hotter.

Ibiza Beach Club presents “Electro Beach Festival: Summer Splash & Foam Party on Saturday, 4 March  2017 with the main man DJ Daiki Wakabayashi.

This year’s summer opener edition of Electro Beach Festival is  amplified with a foam party by the sea. Both international and local guests are in for a big surprise as more international artists are on board to take a spin.

Tickets price is at P1,000.00 nett per person DOOR PRICE and P600.00 nett per person ADVANCE TICKET.

Guests may also take advantage of the Day use and Party Package priced at only PhP1,200 nett per person, inclusive of event ticket and complimentary use of swimming pool and beach.

Doors open for sunset beats at 3:00PM, with back to back DJ performances until 11:00PM.
For reservations and inquiries, contact 09176552984 or +63 32 492 7777.

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Starbucks’ classic favorites get an upgrade!

Starbucks releases a new special limited edition company card, featured drinks, coffee beans and food items for the season beginning September 15, 2015.

Starbucks Anniversary Blend Coffee Beans, New Special Limited Edition Starbucks Company Card, and Starbucks Tumbler

Starbucks Anniversary Blend Coffee Beans, New Special Limited Edition Starbucks Company Card, and Starbucks Tumbler

The special limited edition Starbucks Coffee Company design card captures Starbucks heritage. Starbucks has been consistently sharing great coffee and helping make the world a little better since it opened in 1971.

Our favorite latte and mocha get a naughty upgrade that will surely tease your sweet tooth.

Starbucks Autumn 2015 Drinks

Starbucks Autumn 2015 Drinks

The Dark Caramel Latte is a luxurious treat that caramel lovers simply cannot resist. Creamy dark caramel sauce with steamed milk is combined with the signature espresso finished withwhipped cream and a custardy, caramel flan drizzle.

The Duo Cocoa Mocha is a combination of duo cocoa sauce, steamed milk and  the roasty signature espresso creating a smooth and well-balanced beverage. It is then topped with chocolate whipped cream, mocha drizzle, and cocoa nibs sprinkles.

Some of you might have tried these drinks before they were released today. Select Starbucks card holders were sent an email for them to try these beverages in advance.

Autumn Blend

Starbucks Anniversary Blend coffee beans are also available in celebration of their 25th anniversary. It’s bold and unique flavor will definitely please the coffee lover in you. Also, available for this season is the Starbucks Autumn Blend, a multi-region blend with notes of subtle spice, cocoa and fine herbs makes for a “big” cup with medium acidity, full body and a round mouthfeel.

New food items will also be rolled out beginning today, these are Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie, Chocolate Leaf Cookie, Spinach Mushroom Fritata and my breakfast favorite, Spanish Omelette Wrap.

Starbucks Chocolate Leaf

Starbucks Chocolate Leaf

Spanish Omelette Wrap

Spanish Omelette Wrap

All of these items are available starting today at your favorite Starbucks store. You know what to do, I wouldn’t mind sharing a cup with you.

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