Must-Watch Movies That You Probably Missed in the Cinemas

You probably missed these movies last year. They are classics and perhaps, among the best films of 2014. Have seen all these three?

Gone Girl


Gone Girl is a fun sick movie—the good kind of sick—that made Rosamund Pike a star in her stellar petrifying performance as the missing wife (Amy Dunne) of Ben Affleck (Nick Dunne) who reported it to the authorities—that later turned into a media frenzy. A massive search and investigation were conducted based on a series of clues found on the seemingly decontaminated crime scene lead to the most unexpected culprit.

Chilling, intriguing and shocking. An elegant and poignant satire exposing the dangers of truths drawn from the swings of public opinion on the common ills of modern day marriage.

PS. Expect some nudity, shockingly intense sex scenes and gory flesh. The movie runs for 2 hours and 29 minutes. This one is not for the fainthearted.


John Wick


John Wick could be the best gun-fu movie of the year. I thought the Matrix moves of Keanu Reeves could not be equalled but this gritty movie disproves it, from gunfight to grappling and stabbing, and to kungfu.

Although it lacks publicity, this movie will surprise its audiences with its beautiful dark and extreme violent scenes of a grieving hero thirsty for blood while going through a Russian mob.

Yes, familiar revenge plot, but this one is not just all about the “bang-bang”, it’s actually the impressive style and kinetics.




Interstellar is a brilliant adventure into space and time. I remember the scientific idea of time travel and space-time continuum being topics of discussion with some of my mathematically gifted college of engineering friends applying and tweaking Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. The movie, like our discussion, is full of so many things —so many questions that two hours and fifty minutes is not sufficient to answer them but at least enough to raise mad curiosity on time warp, wormholes and even on the idea of perpetuating humanity in some habitable planets.

Matthew McConaughey is a gift to humanity. He is as effective as Christopher Nolan’s signature flashbacks, silences and drags which humanize the fiction. There were some parts of the film that I was literally holding my breath for him.

Relativity, from one mass to another, a person to another, and gravity to time, is what this ambitious movie is all about. An acquired taste but definitely worth your time. Time is of essence, right nerds?

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