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iPhone Battery Replacement in Cebu (while you wait)

Oh, just in case you will need it.

My iPhone battery dies fast. A single post at snapchat for example will drain the battery. This has been troubling me for weeks. I called the apple service centers and was quoted 4,000 to 6,000 pesos for replacement and worse, they said I have to leave my phone at their store for at least 2 weeks. How can one live with that? 
Guess what, this problem was solved in just 10 minutes! A short trip to the 2nd floor of JY square led me to Jaetech Trading. They will actually replace the defective battery with an original battery while you wait for only 2,500. Amazing, right? 
So, I asked if they have batteries for older models, of course with the quality of their service, you know the answer, yes! Finally, you can put that old iPhone to good use again. 
Contact Details:

Jaetech Trading

2/F JY Discovery Mall

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How should morality be measured as a basis of your vote? 

How to evaluate a person’s moral character? Should it be made as basis for your vote?
It is crucial and important to consider morality as a key characteristic of a President or any office holder. Many would frequently forward a litmus test of a single issue like death penalty or gay marriage or even tact innpublic speaking. (Corruption, however, should be examined in its legal sense. Our laws already defines it and provides for its penalty.) The truth is, a single issue cannot possibly be a good measure of morality. Simple single issue litmus test is a poor measure because we all have failings. A person could be very moral and very good in so many ways, and yet has a failing on a single issue.
Martin Luther King, for example, is very much committed to non-violence in the pursuit of social justice, he remains to this day an outstanding model of man of virtues. His commitment to God and Jesus was unassailable. However, it is also a fact that he carried on multiple affairs. This is a serious moral failing. Any person who betrays the marriage commitment is a sad disappointment of the institution of marriage. Yet, Dr. King is an example of a man with good moral character. 

When you evaluate any candidate don’t expect him/her to be perfect but expect them to try, to deliver only the best for the constituents. You may also forget about the values and morals to which of their respective party adheres. In the Philippines, the party system is not really working. 

Look at the candidate’s expertise and dedication, their lifestyle and compassion, and their integrity and credibility as a person and as a leader. 

Please post as comment who will you vote for this 2016. 

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Make Your Own Havaianas 2016 – Cebu

It’s the beach season once again and everyone is scrambling to different islands and water destinations like a heated atom—there is really something in the heat that excites our core.

Before hitting to the beach check out the most an anticipated customization event in the country, Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH). What better accessories to go with that white sand than a mighty and trendy glammed-up  flip-flop? From April 22 to May 1, celebrate your uniqueness, self-expression  and creativity as you customize your own pair of Havaianas inside All Flip Flops SM Seaside City at the lower ground floor of the mall’s Mountain Wing.


This year MYOH highlights the heritage of Japan, a country very known to Havaianas, with the limited edition commemorative sole inspired by Shibori, a Japanese fabric-dyeing technique, to its selection of kawaii pins. The very first pair of Havaianas in 1962 was actually inspired by the Zori, a type of Japanese sandal made of fabric straps and rice straw roles.

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries to visit regardless of season. Most filipinos especially Cebuanos, including me, aspire to have a grand vacation in the land of the rising sun. I even have a postponed Sakura trip to Japan this year.  Sad.

The Sakura, Ramen, The Japanese Fan, The Empress, The Zori and Ninja are some of Japan’s iconic symbols of culture and heritage. MYOH offers these icons to  celebrate the love for travel and the Japanese’ unique lifestyle and influence on today’s pop culture.


Get your own customized pair and don’t forget to celebrate your design by sharing it on your social media accounts with the official hashtag #MYOHCEBU2016 and #MYOH2016.

Contact Details:

FB: Havaianas Philippines
Instagram: @Havaianasphils
Twitter.  @Havaianasphils

You may also register online and try out the many ways you can personalize your flip-flops at

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Kadaugan sa Mactan 2016 Activities at Mactan Newtown

Have you been to the Kadaugan Food Fest 2016? If not, this Friday might be the best day to go at the Liberty Shrine in Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City. Aside from the usual nightly entertainment and food display from top hotels and restaurants in the City, a major concert will be held at the neighbouring Mactan Newtown.

On April 22, 2016, in time for Kadaugan Festival Celebration, Barbie Almalbis, The Dawn, Shiela and the Insects, Drive Me to Juliet, Jewel Villaflores and Break Offenders will stage a concert entitled “Sound of Victory” at the Mactan Newtown, a few meters away from the Liberty Shrine. 

The concert is open to everyone but those who will have a minimum of 200 purchase at Mactan Newtown tenants/stores on the event date will be prioritized.

While you are there, you may check the following activities within the Mactan Alfresco in Mactan Newtown.


Your One Stop Food Tour

For dining and leisure activities, the township is home to the Mactan Alfresco, an outdoor dining strip inspired by Singapore’s famed hawker or food hall centers. The food strip features a varied selection of authentic Cebuano restaurants that are sure to be enjoyed by craving locals and tourists looking to dine on the best of Cebu’s cuisine.
Feast on Lechon Overload

Find only the freshest Lechon at Mactan Newtown’s 6 roast pits where you can witness tender Cebuano Lechoncooked before your eyes by Lechon experts like Ayer’s Lechon and Anna’s Lechon.
Be Captivated by Cebu’s Rich Culture

Mactan Alfresco also offers a cultural showcase every weekend. Guests can watch thrilling performances from 6:30-8:00PM to experience Cebu’s diverse culture and history. See traditional dances like Ritwal, Banga, Tinikling, Sinulog, Singkil, Subli and captivating Fire Dances performed on stage.
Shop for Souvenirs

Take a piece of Cebu home with you from the assorted souvenirs shops available at the venue. Find everything from t-shirt souvenirs, snacks, home décor and furnitureto make your trip more memorable.

A Beachfront Lifestyle for You

Tempted to live close to this action? Visit the MactanNewtown Showroom for a glimpse of the country’s first beach side township and the “Live, Work, Play, Learn” lifestyle offered by Mactan Newtown.

The Mactan Newtown is a pioneer development offering Megaworld’s trademark township model. 

Contact Details:

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Top 5 Free Apps That Should Be In Your Phone Right Now

Your phone is more useful than just merely for Facebook and games. It is a gateway to a lot of information, which, if processed intelligently can give you a smarter life. Here are some of my life-saving, traffic-beating, and game-changing apps in my iOS phone. 

1. Waze

We all know maps and real time GPS tracker and navigation, right? But what if we will add one more component to it? What if we will include the data from other road explorers and users? 

The result is a real-time traffic data that may be used to compute the smartest route to take saving time and gas. The app has proven to be useful especially during peak hours. 

2. SoundHound

Have you ever been in a bar or a restaurant and hear a really good song? You wanted to know the title so that you can add it on your Spotify playlist but when you asked the waiters they gave you a cold “I don’t know.” You wanted to sing along but how can you search for its lyrics if you don’t know the title.  

Soundhound can sniff the song and give you it’s title in less than a minute. It will also look up the lyrics for you and even suggests more songs for you to try. Yes, it is better than the waiters or even the DJ. 

3. ClearScanner

An important document in hardcopy that you need to send via email but no scanner is available? I know you’ll try taking a photo of the document but the photo would simply be dark, grainy and unreadable. You end-up wasting your time. 

Why not make your phone into a scanner. ClearScanner will scan your documents clean, clear and crisp. You can even package the pages in one pdf file. You will thank me for this! 

4. Snapseed  

Of the plethora of image editing those available for your phone, Snapseed is exactly what you need. Two of my favorite features in Snapseed that is not found in other image editing tools are Selective and Lens Blur.

Selective lets you edit a portion of your image without touching the other parts. This is extremely useful when you want yo highlight a part of your image or to lighten up your face and skin for some

glow and emphasis. Lens Blur on the other hand allows you to have that bokeh efect by providing options for blur strength and blur area adjustments. Your instagram and FB photos will not be the same again. You’ll gather more likes and admirers.  

5. BPI

Sending money online from your bank to another account in the same bank? Most online bank facilities allow this but an extra process is required — the other account must be enrolled. This is tedious especially if the transfer in only one time.
BPI is the only bank that allows fund transfer online to other accounts within BPI via the BPI app. However, this feature is not available on their website. This is only available on the app. No need to enroll. Send the money to other account by just providing the account number of the receiver. 

Fast and easy! 

Download these apps and thank me later. These are all proven and tested; all rated #NindotKaayo.  I’ve been using them for years already. Sorry, that it is only now that I find the need to let you know. I thought it might also be helpful to you.

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Rico’s Lechon Mactan is now open!

How about Cebu’s Lechon as welcome and farewell dinner just 3 minutes from the airport? 

In an effort to preserve its original recipe,   Rico’s Lechon keeps it as a family business and opens a new family-owned two-storey restaurant at Mactan Promenade beside the Airport Road in Lapu-Lapu City, three (3) minutes away from the airport and just a few meters across Starbucks Marina Mall. It can accommodate upto 100 customers dining at the same time. 

Aside from the original and spicy lechon they also offer new food items on the menu like the chicken halang-halang, spicy lechon rice and lechon salpicao.


Enrico Dionson, CEO and General Manager of Rico’s Lechon,  recalls his humble beginning as a “masyador” in an illegal cockfighting to a booming and nationally (make that internationally) well-known lechonero. Now on it’s second branch (the first is at Panagdait, Mabolo, Cebu City), the family is looking forward of opening 2 to 3 branches within Cebu City. 

The new restaurant is updated, hip and cozy with intagrammable spots. Dining there is an internatioanl Cebuano dining experience. 


The restaurant and take-out counter are both open to serve diners as early as 8:00AM and will close at 10:00PM to cater late flight. Enrico encourages costumers to call a day ahead for bulk orders. Their telephone number is : (032) 345-5688.

Don’t forget to use their official hashtag #DaBestGyud. 

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Certified Coffee Q grader Eric Lim’s Conlins Coffee Company

What is coffee for you?

That is the question that was first propounded by coffee connoisseur (Q grader) Eric Lim to the audience during a coffee appreciation and cupping session at Alessi in the New Wing of Ayala Center Cebu as he introduced their products: Bluenotes, Artisans, and Serenity Coffee. It was a very simple question that derived varied answers from the audience. Evidently, coffee has permeated in the modern society; it becomes more personal, a passion and a lifestyle.

Eric Lim explains how his company help customers better understand coffee. There’s a lot more to coffee than what meets the eye. Conlins Coffee Company is the first coffee resource store that introduced the concept of “premium coffee” in the Philippines, and to make customers understand that not all coffees are the same.

Our conversation covered the whole process on how to achieve the best quality of coffee from growing, picking, processing, milling, roasting, packaging, shipping, grinding, brewing to drinking. It opens a lot of senses for me and provides a big picture on how to better define what quality coffee should be. (I shall share to you my notes on our conversation about coffee on a separate post dedicated for coffee appreciation.)

“Before, the concept of coffee was very basic—you had instant coffee, you had brewed coffee,” said Eric Lim. People drank coffee and went to coffee shops, but they lacked a deeper appreciation and understanding of the beverage.


So how shall you start your “scientific” coffee appreciation journey?

Check out Conlins Coffee Company at Alessi in Ayala Center Cebu. They have a full range of products and equipment for all your coffee needs.

Conlins Coffee Company is a full-service coffee company that offers roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, and customized blends with use of beans sourced from all over the world. Aside from their coffee line, the company is also the exclusive retailer of world-class coffee equipment in the country.

Their product, Bluenotes Coffee, offers 100% single-origin Arabica beans. “Each origin of coffee has something unique to offer; coffee from Sumatra gives a very different cup profile from coffees originating from Brazil or Ethiopia. The origin of your coffee is only one of the many aspects that affect the coffee’s flavor profile.” explains Eric.

Artisans coffee on the other hand, is about the art and science of how coffee is crafted. This line of coffee allows the master roaster to create and meld flavors of varying origins into a very satisfying cup. While Bluenotes focuses on strictly single-origin, Artisans coffee is all about taking different coffee elements and creating a masterful coffee experience.

These two coffee variants of Conlins has something to offer for different types of coffee lovers. Go-getters and jet-setters will go for Bluenotes and its “taste of the world,” as it offers an excellent, straightforward taste of coffee. Its incredible flavor and aroma from its single origins will surely wake up and satisfy the taste buds of today modern global citizen.

Artisans Coffee on the other hand, may be preferred by coffee aficionados who are immersed in the worlds of lifestyle and the arts. The harmony of flavors that are created by the crafting and blending of beans offers unique flavors that will surely impress the most discerning palates.

Many factors are taken into account of when looking for “your” coffee. Aside from the origin of the bean, roast color, grind size and preparation methods also add to the journey of discovering the coffee that best suits your taste and lifestyle.

Serenity Syrups, on the other hand, is about having the freedom to have what you want. “The syrup is there to enhance the coffee experience,” explained Eric. “It’s to add flavors to things you don’t normally have, like an almond latte. The nice thing about Serenity is that it’s not limited to coffee. You can be as creative as you want.” One can make crème caramels, flavored sparkling sodas, and flavored margaritas from these syrups. Serenity syrups can even be used for creating baked goods, among other applications. Eric also said that using Serenity “is all part of finding your own flair to classic favorites.”

Three complementary products

These three products all work together, and are complementary. Bluenotes is pure, and has a single origin; Artisan is blended, and possesses a craft science; Serenity on the other hand, is about adding flair. These products are all part of the journey of finding a coffee they can call their own, according to Eric.

Conlins Coffee Company: Giving people choices and experience

Aside from helping people appreciate and find a deeper understanding of coffee, Conlins Coffee Company has also always been about giving people options. “I want to make sure that if you want light, medium, dark coffee, or whatever origin you want, it’s available here,” said Eric. Their company offers over 20 varieties of origins available from around the world, and of course, also offers the blended coffees. “You’ll surely find at least one that you like here,” said Eric. “Each coffee also speaks to each individual; he added that it’s in finding the coffee that is right for you. It’s about finding your voice, in a world of coffee,” he said.

Eric also said that Conlins wants customers to experience coffee. He added that their company also keeps up with the trends around the world. “We want our customers to understand what they drink, before they really appreciate it,” Eric explained. They do this, he said, but they don’t impose. Their company wants customers to appreciate specialty coffee. “I think a big part of it is in educating people,” he said.



First ISO-certified coffee company, with passion

When it comes to food safety, Conlins is also the first coffee company in the country to be ISO-certified. Aside from having the largest variety of coffee, they make sure that the quality of the coffee is always consistent.

They also work with a variety of people, from commercial to retail, to coffee aficionados. Their company, including every member of their staff is very passionate about coffee. They also make sure that every member of their staff is equipped with the knowledge on their products. “We want to have a dialogue with people, and educate them, so that hopefully more will understand and appreciate coffee,” Eric explained. “We also intend for people to savor their coffee as they drink, and appreciate it.”


COO of Conlins Coffee Company and certified coffee Q grader, Eric Lim moved to Vancouver from the Philippines when he was 10 years old. With over 15 years of experience in the retail and food and beverage industry, he moved back to the Philippines in 2005 to help with his family’s coffee company. Over the years Conlins Coffee Company has grown, and has been servicing some of the country’s most well-known hotel and restaurant chains ever since. One of Eric’s goals is to help people find what coffee best suits them by bringing a greater awareness, deeper understanding and appreciation for coffee in the Philippines.

Bluenotes Coffee, Artisans Coffee and Sweet Serenity are distributed by the Conlins Coffee Company. For more information, visit or call 551-3215 and 831-2729. You can also visit their retail outlets in Conlins Elements in Greenbelt 5, Alessi in Bonifacio Global City and The Coffee Laboratory in Ayala Center Cebu.

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Andy Caldwell in Ibiza Beach Club’s Oh Ship! for Sinulog 2016

If your idea of going to Cebu for Sinulog 2016 is to party by the beach with an international DJ spinning in the booth while enjoying the best wines and steaks in the island, you’ve got to be at Ibiza Beach Club in Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu for Oh Ship! — a hip and happening party on Saturday, 16 January 2016, featuring renowned international and local DJ’s. The event is set to run from 4.00 pm to midnight.  


International DJ, Andy Caldwell, an established veteran of dance music based in California, leads the pack that includes DJ Italo from Brazil, as well as seasoned DJ’s Jess Milnes, Kristian Hernandez, Abdel Aziz and Miro from Valkyrie and Palace, Manila. Caldwell’s dynamic DJ sets have won over fans everywhere from London and Berlin to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


Ibiza Beach Club, the premier party destination in Cebu, offers travellers a unique dining and entertainment experience, amid stunning architecture, spectacular ocean views and stylised space under the stars. Named after the party capital of the world, Ibiza Beach Club in Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu regularly welcomes a stellar roster of celebrities and guest artists, making this social establishment a scene to be seen. As a trailblazer on trends, performance genres and flavours, Ibiza Beach Club aims to bring in new excitement in various seasons to delight its guests of different nationalities.


Secure your tickets for the Oh Ship! event on or before January 16.Tickets are priced PHP 800.00 (nett) per person. For reservations and enquiries, +63 32 492-7777. Doors open for sunset beats at 4:00 pm, with back-to-back DJ performances all the way to midnight.

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Plus63 Music Festival in Cebu

Sinulog parties just keep getting better every year. The newest addition, Plus63 Music Festival, raises the bar even higher as it features a perfect blend of international and local acts with local and international cuisine sizzling on the side.

Plus63 artwork

Plus63 Music Festival introduces a unique and eclectic mix of international and local musical acts, plus a curated culinary experience on Saturday, January 16, 2016, to take place at the Cebu International Convention Center grounds in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. It promises to be the truest music festival experience.

Plus63 Music Festival is the brainchild of Peter Delantar, whose work in Las Vegas, USA included venues like Tryst and XS Nightclubs in the Wynn and Encore resorts , as well as working for Angel Management Group (now known as Hakkasan Group), with hot spots like Hakkasan, WetRepublic, Pure, LAX and Chateau. Having worked with artists like Ice T and Coco, The Weeknd, Pharell Williams, Jabbawockeez, Miguel, Big Boi of Outkast, Jay Sean, Keri Hilson, and more, Peter Delantar is no stranger to the entertainment industry.

“Having attended festivals abroad like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Electric Daisy Carnival and Life Is Beautiful, I was fortunate enough to experience first hand what it was like to be at a music festival. And having been able to work for tours like the Vans Warped Tour, Bamboozle Left and Rockstar Taste of Chaos, I was able to learn the ins and outs of the live music industry. We want to bring a similar experience to the Philippines, while giving it a local twist,” says Delantar. “A music festival is about discovering new music and musical acts, exploring art installations, tasting unique dishes from local chefs and restaurateurs, while making new friends in the process. We also want to provide a venue where our local acts can share the stage with international bands and DJs, while making this unique experience affordable and truly enjoyable.”

Plus63 Music Festival is an event not to be missed by anyone coming to Cebu for the Sinulog Festival. Taking inspiration from the Coachella and Lollapalooza festivals Plus63 Music Festival seeks to bring the best from these events for participants to experience, while giving it a local twist and enhancing it even more with the best of the Philippines’ hospitality and cuisine.

Get your tickets now.

Tickets to Plus63 Music Festival

General Admission – A General Admission ticket gets you into Plus63 Music Festival.

  • Eager Beaver – P500 – December 15 – December 18, 2015
  • Early Bird – P700 – December 19 – January 8, 2016
  • Regular – P1000 – January 9 – January 15, 2016
  • Day of – P1500 – January 16, 2016

VIP – Expedited entry into Plus63 Music Festival, Access to the VIP lounge, Access to VIP platforms, Use of A/C Toilettes

  • VIP Pre-Sale – P1500 – December 15 – January 2, 2016
  • VIP Regular – P2000 – January 3 – January 15, 2016
  • VIP Day Of – P2500 – January 16, 2016

 Tickets can be purchased online at or at all SM Ticket outlets nationwide*


Watch their video:


@plus63festival on Instagram,



Plus63 Music Festival is a production of Vinyl Entertainment, an independent concert promoter based in Cebu, Philippines. Created by Peter Delantar.


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10 Dove Street Delightful Desserts

A new sweet and dainty dessert place at Cebu’s food avenue, AS Fortuna is Cebu Food Crawl’s 4th stopover. 10 Dove Street is a well-loved dessert place that used to be located at Sto. Nino Village in Mandaue that reinvents itself to serve a bigger crowd of sweet tooth. Now relocated at Oakridge Business Park in Banilad, it has a lush garden set-up to set your mood while indulging a decadent slice of cake and a cup of hot tea.       

The group’s favorite is the classic Chocolate Decadence (P100.00). 

The bars and cookies are perfect for coffee too. 




Follow them their instagram, @tendovestreet for more photos and dessert idea.  

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