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iPhone Battery Replacement in Cebu (while you wait)

Oh, just in case you will need it.

My iPhone battery dies fast. A single post at snapchat for example will drain the battery. This has been troubling me for weeks. I called the apple service centers and was quoted 4,000 to 6,000 pesos for replacement and worse, they said I have to leave my phone at their store for at least 2 weeks. How can one live with that? 
Guess what, this problem was solved in just 10 minutes! A short trip to the 2nd floor of JY square led me to Jaetech Trading. They will actually replace the defective battery with an original battery while you wait for only 2,500. Amazing, right? 
So, I asked if they have batteries for older models, of course with the quality of their service, you know the answer, yes! Finally, you can put that old iPhone to good use again. 
Contact Details:

Jaetech Trading

2/F JY Discovery Mall

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Rico’s Lechon Mactan is now open!

How about Cebu’s Lechon as welcome and farewell dinner just 3 minutes from the airport? 

In an effort to preserve its original recipe,   Rico’s Lechon keeps it as a family business and opens a new family-owned two-storey restaurant at Mactan Promenade beside the Airport Road in Lapu-Lapu City, three (3) minutes away from the airport and just a few meters across Starbucks Marina Mall. It can accommodate upto 100 customers dining at the same time. 

Aside from the original and spicy lechon they also offer new food items on the menu like the chicken halang-halang, spicy lechon rice and lechon salpicao.


Enrico Dionson, CEO and General Manager of Rico’s Lechon,  recalls his humble beginning as a “masyador” in an illegal cockfighting to a booming and nationally (make that internationally) well-known lechonero. Now on it’s second branch (the first is at Panagdait, Mabolo, Cebu City), the family is looking forward of opening 2 to 3 branches within Cebu City. 

The new restaurant is updated, hip and cozy with intagrammable spots. Dining there is an internatioanl Cebuano dining experience. 


The restaurant and take-out counter are both open to serve diners as early as 8:00AM and will close at 10:00PM to cater late flight. Enrico encourages costumers to call a day ahead for bulk orders. Their telephone number is : (032) 345-5688.

Don’t forget to use their official hashtag #DaBestGyud. 

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Andy Caldwell in Ibiza Beach Club’s Oh Ship! for Sinulog 2016

If your idea of going to Cebu for Sinulog 2016 is to party by the beach with an international DJ spinning in the booth while enjoying the best wines and steaks in the island, you’ve got to be at Ibiza Beach Club in Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu for Oh Ship! — a hip and happening party on Saturday, 16 January 2016, featuring renowned international and local DJ’s. The event is set to run from 4.00 pm to midnight.  


International DJ, Andy Caldwell, an established veteran of dance music based in California, leads the pack that includes DJ Italo from Brazil, as well as seasoned DJ’s Jess Milnes, Kristian Hernandez, Abdel Aziz and Miro from Valkyrie and Palace, Manila. Caldwell’s dynamic DJ sets have won over fans everywhere from London and Berlin to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


Ibiza Beach Club, the premier party destination in Cebu, offers travellers a unique dining and entertainment experience, amid stunning architecture, spectacular ocean views and stylised space under the stars. Named after the party capital of the world, Ibiza Beach Club in Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu regularly welcomes a stellar roster of celebrities and guest artists, making this social establishment a scene to be seen. As a trailblazer on trends, performance genres and flavours, Ibiza Beach Club aims to bring in new excitement in various seasons to delight its guests of different nationalities.


Secure your tickets for the Oh Ship! event on or before January 16.Tickets are priced PHP 800.00 (nett) per person. For reservations and enquiries, +63 32 492-7777. Doors open for sunset beats at 4:00 pm, with back-to-back DJ performances all the way to midnight.

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10 Dove Street Delightful Desserts

A new sweet and dainty dessert place at Cebu’s food avenue, AS Fortuna is Cebu Food Crawl’s 4th stopover. 10 Dove Street is a well-loved dessert place that used to be located at Sto. Nino Village in Mandaue that reinvents itself to serve a bigger crowd of sweet tooth. Now relocated at Oakridge Business Park in Banilad, it has a lush garden set-up to set your mood while indulging a decadent slice of cake and a cup of hot tea.       

The group’s favorite is the classic Chocolate Decadence (P100.00). 

The bars and cookies are perfect for coffee too. 




Follow them their instagram, @tendovestreet for more photos and dessert idea.  

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Ocean Garden Restaurant: The Undiscovered Food at A.S. Fortuna

There’s an unassuming filipino restaurant at Bakilid, A.S. Fortuna St. in Mandaue City that is not only affordable (actually, really very cheap) but also exquisitely good. Ocean Garden Restaurant is the third stopover of the CBS Cebu Food Crawl. 

From its humble roots of being a turo-turo style restaurant, it now hosts private parties and events serving international and filipino seafood and meat dishes. 
The standout favorite of the group is the Spanish Style Bangus (P155.00) and the Chili Crabs (P120.00 per 100g). 


Spanish Style Bangus


Chili Crabs


My personal favorites are their dinuguan, monggos and baked scallops. 
They also cater private events on their restaurant (Seafood Buffet) at as low as P250.00.       


Chopsuey with Scallops




Sinanglay na Isda


Pork Barbecue with a special sauce


Calamares with a very special tartar dip


Baked Scallops


The Best Guyabano Shake is served here too!


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A Mango Affair at Cebu City Marriott Hotel

Cebu Food Crawl’s second stopover is at Cebu City Marriott Hotel. General Manager Patrick Carroll welcomes the participants while brilliant hosts Nico Velasquez and Frances Alfafara warms up the food crawlers with some social media games.  
The biggest surprise is the mango coffee themed break set-up. Everything in the buffet is made from mangoes, a clever representation of everything cebu. 

The malunggay infused siphon tea is a perfect treat for the bursting tummies of the food crawlers.

Please follow Marriot’s social media account for announcements. 


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A Spanish Spread at Ipar’s Restaurante y Bar de Tapas 

Nestled at the heart of the City, at the lush green street of F. Ramos is that spanish restaurant that preserved the spanish influence in Cebu. The first stopover of CBS Cebu Food Crawl is at Ipar’s Restaurante y Bar de Tapas.
With a very concise menu of pure and unadulterated Spanish goodness (nothing fusion), the food is cooked and served the way Spain does. 

We are served with the bestselling house starters to kickoff Cebu Food Crawl, the first meal of the event.

The paella dribbled with the generous stream of olive oil is the best thing in Spanish dining in Cebu! Finish it with kalimotxo cocktail to perfect that pure spanish experience.

Of course, you should not miss Cebu’s best leche flan here. 

More details about the restaurant at, follow the at @iparsrestaurantecebu in instagram. 

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Starbucks’ classic favorites get an upgrade!

Starbucks releases a new special limited edition company card, featured drinks, coffee beans and food items for the season beginning September 15, 2015.

Starbucks Anniversary Blend Coffee Beans, New Special Limited Edition Starbucks Company Card, and Starbucks Tumbler

Starbucks Anniversary Blend Coffee Beans, New Special Limited Edition Starbucks Company Card, and Starbucks Tumbler

The special limited edition Starbucks Coffee Company design card captures Starbucks heritage. Starbucks has been consistently sharing great coffee and helping make the world a little better since it opened in 1971.

Our favorite latte and mocha get a naughty upgrade that will surely tease your sweet tooth.

Starbucks Autumn 2015 Drinks

Starbucks Autumn 2015 Drinks

The Dark Caramel Latte is a luxurious treat that caramel lovers simply cannot resist. Creamy dark caramel sauce with steamed milk is combined with the signature espresso finished withwhipped cream and a custardy, caramel flan drizzle.

The Duo Cocoa Mocha is a combination of duo cocoa sauce, steamed milk and  the roasty signature espresso creating a smooth and well-balanced beverage. It is then topped with chocolate whipped cream, mocha drizzle, and cocoa nibs sprinkles.

Some of you might have tried these drinks before they were released today. Select Starbucks card holders were sent an email for them to try these beverages in advance.

Autumn Blend

Starbucks Anniversary Blend coffee beans are also available in celebration of their 25th anniversary. It’s bold and unique flavor will definitely please the coffee lover in you. Also, available for this season is the Starbucks Autumn Blend, a multi-region blend with notes of subtle spice, cocoa and fine herbs makes for a “big” cup with medium acidity, full body and a round mouthfeel.

New food items will also be rolled out beginning today, these are Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie, Chocolate Leaf Cookie, Spinach Mushroom Fritata and my breakfast favorite, Spanish Omelette Wrap.

Starbucks Chocolate Leaf

Starbucks Chocolate Leaf

Spanish Omelette Wrap

Spanish Omelette Wrap

All of these items are available starting today at your favorite Starbucks store. You know what to do, I wouldn’t mind sharing a cup with you.

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Three-Day Bohol Tour (Anda & Panglao)

This is a “semi-spontaneous” long weekend trip to Anda and Panglao in Bohol in celebration the Philippines’ Independence Day. Our plan was just to have fun and our itinery is basically just “come-what-may”.

From Cebu we took off at Pier 1 via Supercat/2Go. Very conspicous was how Pier 1 has improved alot since it has been renovated. It’s probably one of the best in the country today, it is even better than some country’s small airports.

After an almost 2-hour ride on board the Supercat we reached Tagbilaran City. The construction of their new port is still on-going as their old port was destroyed by the October 2013 earthquake that rocked the whole island. We docked at the makeshift port and proceeded to hail a tricycle that will take us to Dao Terminal where we can ride a bus going to Anda. However, while we were haggling for the fare we saw a good number of taxi cab queing and we thought of hiring one instead to take us to the terminal to avoid the oppresive sun. Since there are 3 of us, the fare is relatively the same. Again, because this is a come-what-may travel, we accepted to the offer of the taxi cab driver to take is directly to La Petra Resort in Anda for P2,000.00  instead of just in Dao Terminal. The driver also kindly suggested that we take a stop over to one of the places frequented by tourists and he will just wait for us. That was pretty good offer, of course we took it.

We were not really hungry when we arrived at Loay River Rio Verde Floating Restaurant but still we availed of their lunch buffet. There were si many costumers, were glad we somehow came ahead of them. We got the regular buffet for P399.00.

The menu includes:  In the salad bar, Manga with Bagoong (Green Mango w/ Shrimp Paste) Atsal/Puso salad (Banana Bud Salad) Guso salad ( Seaweed Salad). Main courses were Buttered Chicken, Pork Barbeque, Pancit Special, Fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce, adobong buko-buko (a cetain kind of squid) Adobong Kangkong (Water Spinach Cooked Adobo Style) Ginataang Langka (Jackfruit in Coconut Milk) and Shrimps. Desserts are some of filipino favorites like puto cheese and puto kutchina together with some tropical fruits. It was ordinary but really good tasting.

Loay River cruise is a 45 minute tour in the beautul river with ine stop over at the Tribe Ali. Compared to the more popular Loboc River, Loay is cleaner and more untouched.

Anda is 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Loay. When we arrived at the hotel, we were served with welcome drinks and assigned to a native hut with an ocean view. After a short nap in our room we asked to be transferred because the AC seems not working. We were given a bigger room near the pool. It was better!


Anda is still untouched, maybe because it is secluded. Anda has a long stretch of white sand beach. It would have been perfect if only the beach floor directly fronting our hotel is not “muddy”. The beach at Poblacion, Anda were better.  We enjoyed the beach alot since it just us, we have the sea all for ouselves. Here are some of our beach photos.

At night…

Dinner was happiness. I didn’t realize happiness could be that cheap too, a seafood platter of crabs, shrimps, clams and fish for only P400.00. La Petra food is really good and their serving is generous.  We almost couldn’t finish it.


Day 2

Complimemtary breakfast which comes along with our accommodation was served at the restaurant of La Petra. iur hearty breakfast meal imcludes bacon, egg, sandwich, salad, ampalaya with rice, juice, coffee and milo. We felt the effort the staff had put in the give us a pleasant stay in their hotel. We really appreciate it, and even more when they offered us to  drive us to Guindulman where we can hire a bus to Tagbilaran City on the wat to Panglao.

The bus ride was comfortable except for the bumpy parts if the road in Tagbilaran. The 105 peso fare was worth it, it was a long 2 hour ride.

We got ourseleves a month minibus to Panglao. We were booked at Cherry’s Home Too since it was the cheapest with a high rating of 7.7 in Panglao. After we were settled in our room, we rested from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM and proceeded to our late snacks at Tarsier Botanika.

A free shuttle at the Tarsier Botanika in Alona Beach will take you the main branch, around 2 kilometers from where we stayed.

Tarsier Botanika has been operating for almost two years already but it was only now, after they renovated, when people discovered its charm. Unfortunately, only its restaurant is open, their park and villas are still under construction.

This is a welcome addition to Bohol’s attraction. It’s awesomeness can only be described in photos.

We were so full when we went back to the hotel. We decided to take our time and rest before we shall check out Panglao’s night party scene.

A walk in the beach leads me to a massage area where massuers will massage their clients by the beach. Of course, I have to avail it. Massage is one pleasure I couldn’t resist.

We partied at the by the beach chill out area of Bugsy’s. I got so tipsy that recovery food is imperative. We look for a Bulalo place and found, Abotanan. They served barbecue, bulalo and batchoy. Food was okay, at least they are open 24 hours.

 We wrapped up Day 2 at 12:00 midnight as we need to park early for our 5:30 AM call time the next day.

Day 3

Upon our arrival on Day 2 at Cherry’s Home Too, we saw an ad about an island hopping tour for 1,500.00. We inquired further details about the tour and booked ourselves the next day (Day 3)

The call time is quite early at 5:30 in the morning in order to catch the playful dolphins of Panglao. We went down from our room at exactly 5:30 AM. We are greeted by our boatman who guide us to the boat at the shore of Alona Beach.

There will be three stopovers: Dolphin Watching, Balincasag Island, and Virgin Island a.k.a. Isole de Francesco.

20 minutes from where we took off, we were already playing hide and seek with the dolphins. The boatman must be quick should possess some good intuition based on the patterns of  the dolphins. We saw around 30 dolphins.

Balincasag Island is a marine sanctuary, we paid P150 per person upon entry. We alighted from our banca and was transfered to a smaller paddle boat. A guide will be assigned to you for P150.00. We snorkled and surveyed the fishes and corals around 10 meters from the beach. There were big and small fishes but the corals are not as colorful as I expected, althought, they are still alive.

After an hour of snorkeling we went to the beach in front of Balincasag Island Dive Resort, the water on that area is very clear and tempting. You can’t say no.

We asked the local abour our next stop, the Virgin Island. They adviced that we should go there at low tide so that we can see the whole white sand bar while it is not submerged. They said low tide will be around noon, probably 1PM. Unfortunately, we were running out of time we booked ourselves to Henann Resort’s Buffet for lunch. We decided to leave Balincasag for the Virgin Island around 10AM.

We left from the island at around 11 AM, so ready for the lunch buffet and if we still have time for some foot massage before we shall leave Panglao at 3:30PM to catch our fastcraft leaving Bohol at 5:25PM.


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Golden Prince Hotel’s Prince Fusion Gourmet Buffet for P420

Golden Prince Hotel’s Prince Fusion Gourmet is now offering seafood dinner buffet every Friday and Saturday for only P420.00. Included in the menu are fresh tuna, large prawns, crabs, rock lobster and cheesy baked oysters. The price is really insane it made me think if they really want to make money on this offering. Sushi is also regular on their menu.


At the helm of the kitchen is Chef Marlou Almasco who designed not only the seafood choices but also the cebuano fusion recipes like grilled native chicken and pork belly, beef salpicao (really tender) and spicy squid. An interactive pasta station is also included for those who can’t shake off their carbs. 

No buffet would be complete without desserts. For Prince Fusion Gourmet it’s a spread of red velvet mini cakes, leche flan, fruit salad, sago gulaman and the must-try creamy halo-halo — a concoction of creamy ice shavings, fresh buko, langka, saging, leche flan, cereals and a scoop of ube ice cream. This I can really say it’s a yummy halo-halo with no hints of preservatives from canned ingredients. 

Golden Prince Hotel’s Prince Fusion Gourmet Dinner is open every Friday and Saturday from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM. You may call (032) 233-8660. It’s an intimate venue with 32 pax seating capacity, reservation is advised.  

Insider info: On September 2015, Gold n Prince Hotel will open it’s expansion tower. It means additional 120 rooms on its existing 57 rooms at Tower 1. 

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